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Austin Pet Expo!

Last Saturday we got to go to the Austin Pet Expo!  Me and Liz had a blast!  Vito didn’t get to come, it would have stressed him out too much, but he got two new tennis balls out of the deal, so all was forgiven.


Lizzie was the only tripod there, and of course, took complete advantage of that fact by eating up ALL of the attention (and treats) she could get!  We even entered the costume contest in our trademark pirate costume, didn’t win, but we were definitely a crowd favorite!  When the photos come in I’ll post them, I haven’t gotten them from the photographer yet.  We spent all day wandering around and making friends, and discovered that apparently Ms. Lizzie has a ‘type’.   She flirted with EVERY black labrador she came across.  And this is Liz, always Ms. Cool and Composed, bouncing around like a puppy and doing some serious flirting.  Apparently she has a thing for glossy black coats and floppy ears, so any of you eligible labs out there take notice, somebody seems in the market for a boyfriend!


Let’s see, in other news…

Well, I’ll be moving again soon.  Might go to Lubbock, I’ve got a good friend there who would room with me, I just need to make sure I have a job when I get there.  The roomie decided she wanted her new boyfriend to move in, so I gotta go.


In other other news…

I have a surprise I’m working on for all you tripods out there, hopefully soon I’ll get the prototype done and patent it, if it works it’ll help out a bunch of our pups, so wish me luck!  I also registered my own business, and I’ll have my website up soon, carrying stuff just for special needs pets!  I’m all excited, you guys are gonna love it!


PS: If any of you have any ideas on things I should carry, let me know!  The goal is to make it easier for those of us with special needs pets to get the things we need.  Even if it’s just a ‘wouldn’t it be great if’ idea, I’m kinda a master at improvising, and I’ve already got a few great ideas that aren’t necessarily ‘pet supplies’, but would be super handy!  I don’t know when it will all be up and running, but hopefully within the next couple of months, I want to get moved first so I’ll have the space to order stuffs.  You can shoot me an email at (Yes, she has her own email address now, I’m such a dork!)

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  1. on October 14, 2011 at 6:32 AMjerry Said:

    Hey Lizzie that’s a bummer about your having to move but great news about your new business! We’d love to learn more about your new creation for Tripawds, keep us posted 🙂


  2. on October 14, 2011 at 6:32 AMjerry Said:

    And oh, we’ll be in TX this winter, it would be fun to meet up!


    • on October 14, 2011 at 6:44 AMAlyssa Said:

      Cool! I’d love to meet up, sounds like alot of fun! Liz looooooves meeting new peoples!

      I’m all excited, and I wish I could go into detail about my new invention, but I don’t want some big business grabbing it before I can patent it and selling it at crazy expensive prices, if I do the work myself I can make sure it’s not too hard on anyone’s wallets! =)


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